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I am passionate about helping people achieve their full potential.

Take your time back

Need more time?

It is Easter again and so much has happened in the last few months.
Have you started to achieve your goals yet? Are you on track to achieve the targets you set yourself for the year?
One of the things I hear most often is… “I don’t have enough time to/ for….”
Does that sound familiar?

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Self Belief

Self Beliefs

What we think of ourselves can hold us back in life if they are limiting beliefs.
I can’t stand up and talk in front of other people. I can’t lose weight. I can’t ask for a raise.
Why do we have these limiting beliefs? Why do we except less than we deserve and can achieve?
You are worth it and you can do almost anything if you set your mind to it. As babies when we first learn to walk, we fall over and over and over again, but eventually we are able to take that first step. Then two, then before we know it, we are running around.

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Seize the Day

January has come and it is well on the way to shooting past into February and then we are well into the year with our heads down, trying to survive and make it through. This is the trap that so many of us fall into every year, after making the best of New Year’s resolutions.

With so much doom and gloom promised, mortgage rates promised to go up, HMV closing stores etc, is this the best we can hope for. Making it through the year and into 2012? Are you prepared for whatever this year may bring? What are you going to do differently? I believe if we look for the opportunities, we will find them. We must have the courage to take them and seize the day.

Let’s make 2011 different and let’s all work together to make it successful for us all.

All the best for the year ahead.

Network for free

When considering joining a breakfast networking group or any other networking events, cost very often comes into play.

You pay for the membership, then you pay for the breakfast or individual meetings and you start considering whether it is going to produce a financial return.

When you consider joining networking groups, then you need to consider ROI and make it worth while. We have found a way of showing people how they can effectively get their membership for very little and in some instances for free.

We are happy to share this information with anybody who would like to join Business for Breakfast, or who would just like to save money and keep it in your own wallets.

Give us a call today and let’s see how we can help you.


Breakfast networking, lunch networking, evening networking. It seems everywhere you turn there is a networking event. There are events that suits all types of businesses and at different times to suit most people.
Networking seems to me like it could become the new cold call though. Very often you meet people that just want to sell their products to you. Don’t get me wrong, we all need to put food on the table, but think first of how you can help the other person.

Remember the old sayings, “You catch more flies with honey”, “The more you give, the more you get”, “Give and you shall receive” etc. I think you get the point.

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About this Blog

This blog is focused on helping people to find ways of moving towards their goals.

As each person is different and has different requirements, achieving those goals will also vary.

Please be clear that the businesses we are involved in are what works for us. The results we achieve are also not typical. As the old saying goes, you get out what you put in. It is up to you to do your own due diligence, but we have found these companies to be trustworthy and good to work with.

I hope you enjoy the articles that we post from time to time and that they inspire you to achieve your dreams.

Is Networking 4 U? A Small Business Tip to Turn You Around

I did and I don’t anymore. I’ll tell you why. Back in the day when I was first building my business – networking, networking was all I heard. Everyone from my coach to the receptionist at the local Chamber of Commerce office told me the same thing. If I wanted to be successful in business I had to get myself out there and network.

Why was it that every time I heard the advice, I bristled and wanted to run back to the safety of my home office? For some reason, the idea of networking utterly turned me off. It made me wonder – if networking was the key to business success then perhaps I should consider throwing in the entrepreneurial towel.

I suspect I’m not alone here. Many clients I work with express the same distaste and resistance to what seems like a simple mission. See if you can relate to the following common reasons smart business people (me included) come up with to avoid networking.

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