Is Networking 4 U? A Small Business Tip to Turn You Around

I did and I don’t anymore. I’ll tell you why. Back in the day when I was first building my business – networking, networking was all I heard. Everyone from my coach to the receptionist at the local Chamber of Commerce office told me the same thing. If I wanted to be successful in business I had to get myself out there and network.

Why was it that every time I heard the advice, I bristled and wanted to run back to the safety of my home office? For some reason, the idea of networking utterly turned me off. It made me wonder – if networking was the key to business success then perhaps I should consider throwing in the entrepreneurial towel.

I suspect I’m not alone here. Many clients I work with express the same distaste and resistance to what seems like a simple mission. See if you can relate to the following common reasons smart business people (me included) come up with to avoid networking.

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